What we do

[subtitle2]What you get with Great Big Life Publishing[/subtitle2]
[iconbox icon_title=”Professional Editing” icon_name=”li_pen”]Full professional editing and layout of your manuscript, including passing your manuscript through a number of professional proofing filters to make sure that grammar, punctuation and flow are the best they can possibly be.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Ongoing Consultation” icon_name=”li_bubble”]We’ll stay in communication with you regarding the editing and layout of the book – we won’t go to print until you’re happy.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Bespoke Cover Design” icon_name=”li_photo”]We believe in thinking out of the box, so when it comes to your cover we want to hear what you want, and give you some recommendations for what we think we make a good-looking cover. Together we’ll make your book look professional and inviting to the consumer.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Quality Printing” icon_name=”fa-book”][icon name=”book-2″ size=”32px” color=”#E53F51″][h4][/h4]Through our professional relationships with print buyers, we will get the best quality for your book – cover and interior. We can also order smaller print runs, so you’re not lumbered with an excessive amount of stock requiring a massive upfront investment.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Growing Distribution Network” icon_name=”li_world”]Once published, your book will be available through a number of worldwide online outlets, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’ll be made known to christian distributors in the UK, US and Australasia/Africa – this network is growing all the time as we continue to build relationships in the market.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Generous Royalties and Author Discounts” icon_name=”fa-bar-chart-o”]You get a percentage of every sale of your book. We will also give you a very generous discount when you buy copies directly from us. We’ll also deliver wherever you’re ministering so you don’t have to carry large amounts of stock when you’re travelling.[/iconbox]
[iconbox][icon name=”question-5″ color=”” size=””][h4]You’ll have a lot more questions than we’ve answered above, so contact us – we’re happy to give you any help we can.[/h4][/iconbox][button color=”red” size=”medium” target=”_self” url=”mailto:info@greatbiglifepublishing.com”]Contact Us[/button]