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Andy Elmes introduces his book, God’s Blueprint for His Church

Why read God’s Blueprint for His Church?

Maybe you can relate to Andy, as he shares in the introduction:

God's Blueprint for His ChurchIt was a Sunday morning, and I was sitting looking at the healthy-sized crowd we had attracted over the last 14 years of “doing church”. We had started with twelve people, and now we represented a crowd across our congregations of well over a thousand. I should have been the happiest man in the world, right? I was happy, but something inside of me was aggravated. I looked across the crowd of good people and started to ask myself certain questions to locate the reason for my discomfort:

  • I have a crowd, but is a crowd what I want?
  • Who is in the crowd?
  • What difference is the crowd having on my city and beyond?
  • Is the crowd consumer-based – only coming when we make it convenient, eating spoon-fed truth but leaving unchanged?
  • Is this what God wants the Church to look like?
  • Are we empowering and mobilising God’s people to be effective ministers in their world, or have we resorted to mere ‘people storage’?

With these questions, a journey of rediscovery began that caused me to rethink the purpose of the Church on the earth. This journey would cause me to question how I was leading and what I was actually building. Was it the Church that Jesus wanted? Many months were spent thinking, asking questions, getting answers, and developing convictions and new persuasions. In the process I joyfully rediscovered the original blueprint for the Church Jesus wants and have recommitted my life to building that. The amazing thing is that the answer was there all the time.


Question: Have you read God’s Blueprint for His Church already? How has it impacted your ministry and leadership? How has it impacted your church? What are you doing differently now, that you weren’t doing before?

New Titles

Andy Elmes introduces his book, iamredemption

[distance type=”1″][big_title2]Why should you read Andy’s latest book, iamredemption?[/big_title2]

The iamredemption movement began not with the publication of this book, but during Andy’s time in a French hospital, in the summer of 2013, recovering from a burst appendix, where he felt challenged by God to understand better the redemptive heart of God – that NONE should be lost, but ALL come to know the saving power of the Gospel.

The iamredemption website

Andy then launched iamredemption at his home church – Family Church – with a website that carried many incredible testimonies of the redemptive power of God at work in their lives, as well as challenges and ideas for christians to be carriers of redemption to the people in their own world.

The iamredemption book

That led to Andy taking time out to sit and pour out his heart, and all that God was stirring in him, into the form of a book that would carry the iamredemption message to its readers all over the world, as well as provide an opportunity to raise finance for the many projects that Family Church have been sponsoring all over the world – including: refuges for women and children escaping domestic abuse, building projects for areas devastated by natural disasters, training for economic transformation in areas of poverty, and much more.

Get your copy of iamredemption by visiting our Catalogue. And as a bonus for signing up to our newsletter, you’ll be able to download the first chapter of iamredemption for FREE!

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Question: Have you read iamredemption already? If so, what challenged you the most? What have you done already to create opportunities to talk about redemption? What have you seen God do through you already? Share in the comments below.


Catching God’s heart

[big_title2]Are you ready to be challenged, to be dangerously provoked?[/big_title2][distance type=”1″]

Great Big Life Publishing is pleased to announce the release this weekend of its newest title, iamredemption, by Andy Elmes.

iamredemption is not just a book – it’s a mandate, a challenge, a clarion call for the people of God to understand afresh the power of redemption. To be mobilised to tell others of their story of redemption and to be a carrier of redemption to the lives of others. In this book, you will read about the moment when the redemptive heart of God came into my world and turned it upside down. Instantly I understood God’s love for humanity like never before, realising afresh that the desire of His heart is still that none would perish.” So writes Andy in his introduction, making clear his vision that this book would reawaken the church to know God’s heart for this world and it’s purpose here before Jesus’ return for His bride.

iamredemption will be available in paperback from all Family Church congregations this Sunday, 27th April, and from Great Big Life, Andy Elmes’ ministry. An ebook edition will be available on the Amazon Kindle store from this weekend. It is also available through Great Big Life Publishing, with discounts for trade and churches – contact us for more details.

Andy Elmes
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