[big_title2]’I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I’m lost. I think I need God!'[/big_title2][distance type=”1″]

These words begin the journey of transformation that took Mark Stevens out of a life bound by drug and alcohol addiction and into a new adventure of ministry and leadership that has touched all corners of the globe.

Mark shares candidly his testimony of the excitement and temptation of celebrity fame and lifestyle, the devastatingly destructive effects of addiction, and overwhelming power of God’s healing and transformative presence. He goes on to share from the many experiences and challenges of worship ministry and church leadership over the past fifteen years.

Strength for the Road is Mark Stevens’ first book, published through Great Big Life Publishing, and is written to awaken and stir up the worshipper in each of us, to rise up and embrace the journey ahead of us with faith and boldness. Each of our journeys is different but the truth of God’s word and love remain eternal and everlasting, giving each of us the strength we need, and more, to walk the road God has laid out before us.

Strength for the Road is available shortly in paperback and ebook editions. Contact us for details (discounts available for bulk purchases by trade or churches) or to be notified of publication.

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