In her book The Way Home, Lindsey Doss uncovers the truth regarding the thoughts and circumstances that led to her marriage breakdown. Her husband Casey, a well-respected pastor, and her two young daughters, were not enough to keep her from leaving the family home and filing for a divorce. When selfishness and deceit entered quietly, it took root and destroyed her family from the inside out. It seemed completely hopeless, until God whispered hope into Lindsey’s heart.

Holding nothing back, Lindsey allows us in on the journey she took away from, and then finally back to, her family; how, with one thought of hope, and the courage to take hold of God’s promises, everything was restored to their family. This book will shed light on the lies that are sold to wives and husbands, parents and children, everywhere – that happiness can be found ‘elsewhere’, that freedom can be found by escaping our current lives and current situations. As Lindsey buys into this false promise, she soon discovers that it is an empty and lonely place. Only by God’s grace and mercy did she find her way back home. She shows us that, though it is not easy, with perseverance and trust in God’s word, any situation can be made right. There is no situation too hopeless, no relationship too far-gone, no marriage so dead, that God cannot breathe life into it.

So if you are far from home, or if you are believing for someone to come back, read this book and catch a glimmer of hope for your situation. See what can be, instead of what is. Be filled with hope, and persevere to see God’s promises fulfilled in your life, as they were and continue to be in Lindsey’s and her family’s.

“Everything in you may be screaming to give up, to let go, and move on. But if I told you they would be home tomorrow, would you give up today?” – Lindsey Doss, The Way Home.

The Way Home, by Lindsey Doss
The Way Home will be released on September 1st, but is available for pre-order now from our online shop – click here to place your order. It is available in paperback and eBook versions.


About the Author of The Way Home

Lindsey Doss has served in the ministry her entire life. She and her husband Casey held leadership positions at The Ramp for over fifteen years and are now the Lead Pastors of Hope Unlimited Church in Knoxville, TN. They have three beautiful children: Analeise, Katie and Asher.

You can follow Lindsey on Twitter and Instagram: @lindsey_doss, and on Facebook: Lindsey Doss.

You can also find out more about Casey and Lindsey’s ministry at and

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