Why read God’s Blueprint for His Church?

Maybe you can relate to Andy, as he shares in the introduction:

God's Blueprint for His ChurchIt was a Sunday morning, and I was sitting looking at the healthy-sized crowd we had attracted over the last 14 years of “doing church”. We had started with twelve people, and now we represented a crowd across our congregations of well over a thousand. I should have been the happiest man in the world, right? I was happy, but something inside of me was aggravated. I looked across the crowd of good people and started to ask myself certain questions to locate the reason for my discomfort:

  • I have a crowd, but is a crowd what I want?
  • Who is in the crowd?
  • What difference is the crowd having on my city and beyond?
  • Is the crowd consumer-based – only coming when we make it convenient, eating spoon-fed truth but leaving unchanged?
  • Is this what God wants the Church to look like?
  • Are we empowering and mobilising God’s people to be effective ministers in their world, or have we resorted to mere ‘people storage’?

With these questions, a journey of rediscovery began that caused me to rethink the purpose of the Church on the earth. This journey would cause me to question how I was leading and what I was actually building. Was it the Church that Jesus wanted? Many months were spent thinking, asking questions, getting answers, and developing convictions and new persuasions. In the process I joyfully rediscovered the original blueprint for the Church Jesus wants and have recommitted my life to building that. The amazing thing is that the answer was there all the time.


Question: Have you read God’s Blueprint for His Church already? How has it impacted your ministry and leadership? How has it impacted your church? What are you doing differently now, that you weren’t doing before?

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