You Matter

The Ripple Effect of Your Life

“History’s greatest achievements are not really about the prize at all . . . they are about leaving a legacy.”

You Matter is how one life affects another. It’s about the choices you make and what you decide to do with your life. We are all created for a purpose, but how do you determine what your destiny is? God could have placed you anywhere – at any time, but He created you for such a time as this. You are either where you are supposed to be, or you are not! What kind of legacy do you want to leave your family, friends and generations to come? Will people be able to say that your life was well lived? How do you create a legacy and what does it mean? Readers will come to grips with both the practical and spiritual ways that legacy can be perpetuated – from God Himself, through Abraham and you!

Bishop Paul Zink shares some biblical principles that will help you understand how you can become the person God has designed you to be.

How effective will your life be?

You Matter, by Bishop Paul Zink

What people are saying about You Matter

You Matter beautifully demonstrates the ongoing effect a spiritual lineage can have on an individual, a family, a nation and the world. A legacy of character and commitment was poured into Bishop Zink at an early age. He is committed to a special call on his life to be a blessing and a voice of encouragement for all people.
Dr. Marilyn Hickey
President – Marilyn Hickey Ministries

There has never been a more relevant time and season where the Body of Christ needs to know and understand the value of legacy and promise. Bishop Paul Zink is a longtime friend that I have great respect for as a minister of the gospel, as well as being a strong man of valor. Bishop Paul Zink is a powerful scholar and teacher with fresh insight that will inspire you and impact your life with the revelation of the Word that will come alive throughout this book. I encourage you to not only read this book but apply the word and put this content into practice. It will enrich your life and deepen your relationship with Christ.
Perry Stone
Founder and President of Voice of Evangelist
Host of Manna-Fest TV Program

Leaders from politicians to patriarchs worry a lot, or at least talk a lot about legacy. The problem is they do not do a lot. Bishop Zink charts the course for any who will listen. Anyone concerned about leaving a legacy should get this book.
Dr. Mark Rutland
Founder and President of Global Servants

I would like to highly recommend this book by Bishop Paul Zink. We at CGI have come to know this man of God over many years as a member of our honored CGI Board of Directors. He has written a wonderful book advising believers of the great importance of our legacies, which are more valuable than gold. A life that is well lived in all integrity, purity, and righteousness is a goal to be pursued throughout all of our lives. The greatest heritage to leave posterity is your life lived to the fullest in pursuit of the Maker, Jesus Christ. All civilizations are created and inspired by those who have legacies of self-sacrifice, charity, and a heart that has sought after the highest good for all people. In short, it is a life that follows the same direction and course of the greatest man that ever lived, Jesus Christ. Please read this exciting book and be greatly blessed.
Dr. David Yonggi Cho
Founder and Chairman of Church Growth International

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Pages: 232
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Published: November 2015
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