Strength for the Road

“God broke into my world. My life was shaken and transformed instantly.”

These words began the journey of transformation that took Mark Stevens (known for his role as Nick Page in TV’s Neighbours, and as a worship leader at Hillsong Church and Life Church Bradford) out of a life bound by drug and alcohol addiction and into a new adventure of ministry and leadership that has touched all corners of the globe.

Mark shares candidly his testimony of the excitement and temptation of celebrity fame and lifestyle, the devastatingly destructive effects of addiction, and the overwhelming and transforming power of God’s healing and presence. He goes on to share from the many experiences and challenges of worship ministry and church leadership over the past fifteen years.

Strength for the Road is Mark Stevens’ first book, written to awaken and stir up the worshipper in each of us, to rise up and embrace the journey ahead of us with faith and boldness. Each of our journeys are different but the truth of God’s word and His love remains eternal and everlasting, giving each of us the strength we need – and more – to walk the road God has laid out before us.

Strength for the Road

What people are saying about Strength for the Road

This book represents seventeen years of Mark’s experience in the local church as a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, creative director and worship leader; but above all team player and servant in God’s house. His heart for worship and unique ability to lead people into God’s presence has been a consistent hallmark of Mark’s life and ministry. Mark’s insights, understanding and wisdom in the area of worship will help us all to go beyond what we’ve previously known, to new levels of encounter with God. I’ve known Mark for over fifteen years. He is a wonderful combination of generous, kind, caring, compassionate, crazy and hilarious. Mark is also my son-in-law; he’s a great husband to our daughter Beth and fantastic father to Jonah and Sienna, two of our beautiful grandchildren.
Pastor Paul Scanlon

Mark’s book is so compelling that I could not put it down! He tells his story of the fame of being a national childhood television star, only to fall into the trap of a horrific ten-year drug addiction. Much like the Apostle Paul, Mark had a face-to-face encounter with Christ that totally set him free and turned his life completely around. Today, Mark is one of the most anointed worship leaders I have ever encountered, but even more important is that he lives a life of worship every day. He has told his story in all of our Mercy homes around the world, as well as leading our staff and residents into the very presence of God. Mark would be a huge blessing to any church or ministry!
Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries International

Mark Stevens’ book Strength for the Road captivated me. Mark shares deep and profound insights that thrilled my heart. I highly recommend it. It ushers you right into the immediate presence of God.
Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelist

Mark is a gifted and spirit-led worship leader and pastor. Over the years, I have come to know Mark as both a friend and a co-labourer in the Kingdom. I have watched his heart and passion to connect people to Jesus and to see churches everywhere strong in the things of worship – he is an inspiring individual! This book is a tribute to the years of experience Mark has gained under godly leadership and the fruit of the Spirit at work in his own life. I know you will be blessed and gain fresh insight as you glean from the pages of this book.
Reuben Morgan, Hillsong Church

Mark Stevens shouldn’t be alive. After ‘making it’ in the world of entertainment his fall from dizzy heights is jaw dropping. This book is the inside story. It’s the stuff of boy to man, lost to found. It tracks the restoration of mangled to miraculous and then hands out diamonds by the truck load formed from the intense heat of the journey. Mark is a miracle. These truths are not made up. This is both a lifesaver and life-giver to all who want to go beyond their past into their magnificent future. Mark, I salute you for all you’ve become.
Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor, Hope City Church, England

Mark is a very easy person to work with. He has a depth of understanding and an experience of people that is reassuring and very helpful to leaders looking to develop their teams. This book is refreshing and challenging and also provokes us to examine the heart of worship within each of us as we make Him the centre of our lives. I wholly and enthusiastically would recommend this book to all leaders of churches. It is great to be working with Mark, who is not just a consultant but a practitioner of the highest calibre. This book, will I believe prove to be a valuable tool for the transformation of many churches as they aspire to worship God in authentic, prophetic worship.
Pastor Paul Hallam, Lead Pastor, The Lighthouse, UK

ISBN: 978-0992802769
EBOOK: 978-0992802776
Pages: 170
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Edition: 1
Published: June 2014
Language: English

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