Relevant Acts

A Discussion on the Spirit in the Modern Age

Does having a ‘Holy Spirit-type church’ mean that it would be destined to be a small, unappealing, and culturally irrelevant church? Do you feel that to lead a true and unashamed life led by the Holy Spirit, you may have to choose between being a successful business person, a thriving politician, an admired doctor, a flourishing entrepreneur, or a Spirit-filled ‘nut job’? Have we somehow placed the Holy Spirit in the ‘crazy box’?

Kevin Kringel’s introduction to the Holy Spirit came at a young age, but in pastoring a church for over a decade he has learned that without the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are limited to our own individual potential – but with the Holy Spirit every facet of our ministry can be effective and limitless. He has written this book not only for pastors of spiritually hungry churches, but also for the believer who is eager to walk in the gifts and callings of God’s Spirit. Relevant Acts is a conversation; it is a ‘how-to’ book, and it is a discussion about the Truth as we consider the Holy Spirit in our lives and churches.

Relevant Acts, by Kevin Kringel

What people are saying about Relevant Acts

Kevin’s style is conversational and his thought patterns are easy to follow. Kevin addresses a very important question which so many pastors struggle with; they are afraid of the Holy Spirit. What is needed is solid teaching: this is a wonderful, instructive book on the need, presence and working of the Holy Spirit. Kevin’s multiple scriptural references bring authority to the text; his personal stories are so real (we’ve all been there); his testimonies illuminate the teaching and make it practical. I believe this book will be a “life changer” in the ministry of many pastors. Congratulations on a great work.
Gary Blanchard,
Assistant Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Illinois District

This book addresses how a Pastor can have a growing, vibrant church without excluding or quenching the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this book.
Dr. Leon van Rooyen
Founding President of Global Ministries & Relief, Inc.

A great read—provocatively challenging, concise and thought provoking.
Andy Elmes
Senior Pastor, Family Church and Founder of Synergy Alliance and Synergy Christian Churches

ISBN: 978-0992802783
Pages: 184
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Published: November 2015
Language: English

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