Inside Out: The Story Behind the Vision

“If God can use me, He can use anybody!”

Luke Selway’s testimony – of rejection and bullying, leading to prolific drug use and a criminal lifestyle, before a radical transformation through the power of prayer and God’s love – is a powerful reminder that no one is truly lost or unreachable, and that the miry pit is no object for God, reaching in and lifting up the broken to a place of restoration and new life. Luke is now the Founder and Director of Inside Out Rehab, an organisation that helps recovering addicts live free from addiction and its effects, and this is his story.

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Inside Out: The Story Behind the Vision

What people are saying about Inside Out: The Story Behind the Vision

I have known Luke for many years. Luke has a call of God on his life to pioneer works and has a passion to reach out and help the lost and hurting. He has wisdom beyond his years and a heart of humility and honour towards God and men. A radical lover of Jesus who is truly laying down his life for others. Luke’s life and story is a powerful testimony of the saving grace of God.
Billy Lummis

In the years that I have known and worked with Luke Selway, I have no doubt that God has first saved Luke, given him a burning and unwavering vision, has prepared him through his own life experiences and has equipped him to make a mighty difference in the lives of those whose lives are being destroyed through addiction. His testimony is proof of the power and love of Christ today to entirely change a ruined life into one that is a blessing to others, and that brings glory to God.
Peter Thorne

I work for Green Pastures, a national Christian charity that work with local churches and charities to house homeless people all over the country. I first met Luke in early 2015. I was immediately struck by his fierce determination to make a difference in people’s lives and how his faith in Jesus was central to all that he did. He then told me his story, which is featured in this book. I would challenge anyone, whether they have a faith or not, to not be moved by his story of how hope came out of complete and utter despair, the type of despair that sucks the wind out of you and demands that you give up because everything is futile. Well, that is not how Luke’s story ends, praise God, and now Luke is passionately determined to bring the hope that he found to help bring new life to others. Hope is the fuel that now runs Luke’s life and it could be yours too. I challenge you to read this story and not be changed by what you read. Green Pastures are really excited to be working with Luke’s charity Inside Out so that we can see people coming off the streets and their lives being transformed by having a home and support. God bless.
Carl Good, Green Pastures

Luke holds no punches in his writing; telling it as it is. This book will inspire those struggling with addiction that there is hope and will challenge those working alongside them that unconditional love has the power to transform a person from the inside out!
Steve Carey, pastor of Family Church Havant and Trustee of Inside Out

ISBN: 978-0993269349
Pages: 92
Dimensions: 20.3 cm x 12.72 cm x 0.5 cm
Edition: 1
Published: January 2016
Language: English

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