Breathe Again

How to experience the life of God here on earth

Do you sometimes feel almost breathless, that the pace of your life takes your breath away rather than leaving you strong and revived? Even as a Christian deep down inside you feel something needs to change, a new way of breathing discovered? Then this book will certainly help you. Join Andy on a journey that will cause you to find your breath again, be revived as you learn to breathe as God intended for you to, and become energized as you discover how to breathe God’s ‘zoe’ life in your everyday one.

Among other things, in Breathe Again you will learn:

  • How God intended for you to breathe, and how you can experience a restoration of that correct breathing today.
  • How Eden is no longer a physical place far, far away, but a way of life that everyone who belongs to God can know.
  • How to enter into the rest that the Lord has provided for you to know.
  • How to exchange a worry-filled life for a carefree one.

You’ll also receive practical and applicable teaching on how to manage the three parts – spirit, soul and body – of who you are, so you can experience His life in its fullness.

What people are saying about Breathe Again[/big_title2]

If ever a book was sent by God to a particular ‘time and people’, it is this book – for this is the time, and we are those people. Breathe Again came to me during a season of personal exhaustion, and dare I say, burn out. With fresh revelation and simple clarity, the words became much-needed sips of water to my thirsty soul. I encourage you to drink deeply of these truths, and find your way back to Eden . . . the place we were created to live.
Karen Wheaton, Founder and Leader of The Ramp

Every hour, my Apple Watch pings to remind me to breathe. This always strikes me as quite funny: I was born breathing and I’ve been doing just fine ever since, so why do I need to be told to do what I already do? Maybe it’s because I take breathing for granted. Maybe it’s reminding me how important it is to breathe and why I should pause and take deep breaths. Andy’s new book, Breathe Again, is doing the same thing. Andy Elmes is a student of the God-breathed Word. He is also an outstanding writer who brings his research and ideas to life in a way that resonate for the reader. Just as with his other books, Andy communicates life-giving truths. I have read all of Andy’s books, and each time I am inspired and motivated. Not surprisingly, after reading Breathe Again, I am profoundly stirred. I highly applaud this book!
Dr. Leon van Rooyen, President of Global Theological University

I have worked closely with Andy and Gina Elmes since they planted Family Church in 1997. It’s a true honour to serve God with someone who really lives out what he preaches and sustains an unwavering depth of relationship with God through the difficult times as well as the good. Andy has discovered the joy of being a ‘branch’ that abides in the Vine, drawing daily on the life of God’s Spirit in order to bear much fruit. Our church was founded on this truth and Andy has made it his mission to bring God’s people into a revelation of this truth, hence this book. Whether you’ve just come to faith in Jesus or you’ve been walking with the Lord for years, this book will help you to cease striving and walk in all that God has given you by His amazing grace.
Steuart Payne, Executive Pastor, Family Church UK

In Breathe Again, Pastor Andy Elmes rewires your thinking. He reintroduces you to the Gospel that rescues man from the exhaustion of “mere existence” and brings him into the abundance of God’s rest. However, this book is not about relaxation and comfort. It’s about the fullness of life God always intend and has now restored. You will learn foundational truths that create a sustainable rest in your life, and in the last chapter, Pastor Andy puts the icing on the cake by equipping you with practical action steps. Make sure you read this all the way to the end! Furthermore, this book is effective not only because of the words on the page, but also because of the life from which the words flow. Pastor Andy’s friendship and ministry has personally refreshed me again and again. One of the first times I met Pastor Andy, he spoke these words over me: “You are at your best when you are at rest.” Those words have become a guiding principle in my life that daily brings me into the ease of God’s grace. I encourage you to open your heart as I have and allow Pastor Andy’s ministry to refresh you, challenge you, and renew you by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Micah Wood, Head of Ramp School of Ministry

ISBN: 978-1-9160388-0-6
Pages: 260
Dimensions: 22.9 cm x 15.2 cm x 1.5 cm
Edition: 1
Published: March 2019
Language: English

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