Leadership Lessons I Would Tell My Younger Self, by Julian Clark

19: Leadership Lessons I Would Tell My Younger Self

What people are saying about 19

Soooooo much work has gone into this book of yours! I’m taken back by the arrangement, effort, care and attention given to it. It’s humble, thoughtful and gentle in style, yet it’s strong and resolute in direction. Well done Julian!
Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor, Hope City Church

After being under Julian’s leadership and guidance for two years, whilst leading a team of my own, I have benefitted tremendously from the close-up teaching and example of the principles in this book. It helped me be a better man, a better Christian and a better leader. Everything you are about to read truly comes from years of experience, practice, wisdom, and a thoroughly authentic example. Leadership truths last throughout generations, and 19 will stand amongst them.
Chris Meyer, Mission and Outreach Coordinator for The Grand, Clitheroe, UK

Leadership often begins with a simple act of saying, “Yes”, and getting involved in God’s adventure for your life. The journey of leadership always requires the encouragement of others, potential being spotted and then grown and developed. In this book we see Julian’s heart and passion to inject much-needed encouragement into the next generation of leaders. 19 calls us to reflect on our stories and invites us to spark the leadership journey in others. Packed full of wisdom, insight and practical application, I hope this book will be read by young adults and those passionate about developing such leaders. Julian models the heart and character of leadership, showing faithfulness and commitment in raising other leaders up.
Pete Baker, National Director, PaisUK

What would I say to my nineteen-year-old self? That’s the question that Julian wonderfully answers as he looks back on years of being found in spheres and positions of leadership. Julian approaches the question with candour, humour, creativity and wisdom. So, what would I say to the nineteen-year-old Paul Benger? I’d say, “Read a book called 19 . . . start there.” I highly recommend this book to you, whatever your age and in whatever place you find yourself.
Paul Benger, Lead Pastor, IKON Church, UK

This book focuses on the central – but often overlooked – truth that leadership is a journey. When we commit to the journey, our leadership develops into a special gift, one worthy of serving others. This book will inspire young leaders on their own leadership journey to lead better and stay the path.
Andrew Cherrie, Lead Pastor, Home Church, St Albans, UK

Any investment into the potential of young leaders is a worthwhile investment! Julian demonstrates an ability to appreciate and apply Biblical wisdom, discerned through years of faithfully learning and growing in the heart of his local church. He writes clearly, articulately and persuasively. 19 is a book which will equip, inform and empower young leaders for the critical role of Christian leadership.
Steve Mawston, Pastor, Hillsong Brisbane

This well-written Christian leadership book flows from Julian’s personal leadership journey. It is immensely practical and delightfully readable. However, don’t let the title deceive you: this is not just for nineteen-year-old emerging leaders. It is for every leader who once was nineteen. I’ve been in Christian leadership for nearly forty years, and I found 19 to be fresh, relevant and a wonderful stimulus to help me stay true to my personal leadership journey. I highly recommend it for both you and those you are helping to develop as leaders.
Stephen Matthew, Speaker, coach, author and Principal of the
Building Church Academy

I have known Julian for some time now and admire his zeal and zest for life. He has a unique way of injecting life into the situations in which he finds himself. Now he has achieved that through writing this book. Having written a good number of books myself I know how much work and effort is needed. This book is easy to read, covering complex issues in an uncomplicated way, allowing and encouraging self-assessment as you read. It addresses the challenges you will face as a leader and allow you to develop your style accordingly. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on ‘Layers not Levels’ – what a great thought, one that helps leaders shift in their approach to life as we lay down foundations as layers. I can thoroughly recommend this book! It’s for everyone.
Dr. Scott Wilson. Founder of ICLM, President of Eurolead.net

One of the greatest gifts a leader can have is faithfulness. In the instant generation we live in, full of quick fixes and fast-paced changes, longevity is vastly overlooked and faithfulness is undervalued. Within the kingdom of God, we especially understand the role it has to play. In the parable of the talents, Jesus uses the phrase, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Not successful, not highly educated, not famous . . . faithful! Faithfulness is essential to strong leadership. With over twenty-five years of leadership experience, Julian Clark has already done far greater than many others, because he has led with faithfulness. This book is testament to that. 19 is the story of a faithful leader, who has embraced the challenges and joys of leadership for well over two decades. This book is packed full of great lessons, stories and examples that any leader can learn from. As a leader, I always want to learn from people with experience, not just education; people who can guide me on a path that they’ve actually walked themselves. The principles given in 19 are not just theory, but lessons that have been learned through real-life failures and success. The experiences shared in these pages and questions asked of the reader will help you to grow as a leader, whatever your current capacity.
Ben Dowding, Senior Pastor of Influence Church, UK

Julian delivers to us proven and tested leadership principles from the trenches of his own life. This book has the potential to be a powerful tool in the hands of anyone desiring to kickstart or reboot their leadership. I’m buying copies for my leaders!
Jonny Clarke, Lead Pastor, City Life Church, Sunderland

ISBN: 978-0-9957925-4-8
Pages: 248
Dimensions: 22.9 cm x 15.2 cm x 1.4 cm
Edition: 1
Published: October 2017
Language: English

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